In and Around South Dakota

It is nearly a year past the date we ended our 13-month trip around the states in Clyde as I sit down to write the final two entries.  After sifting through the pictures from August and September of 2018, it doesn’t seem possible that so much time has passed.  (And it makes me wonder what we have done with the last 12 months of our lives.)  The ridingwithclyde website will remain out there in the world, but my ability to edit it ends TODAY.  How’s that for defining procrastination.

After parking Clyde in Wisconsin for a long term stay, we traveled by car to Chicago (a city I truly love, but one that is rather indifferent to RVers).  We stayed at my sister’s place for several weeks while visiting friends & family and attended the wedding of one of my cousins – congratulations Duck and Justin!  (It is now nearly your 1-year anniversary!)  In late August we headed out for the final leg of the trip, first destination: South Dakota.   On our way to the Badlands, we stopped for a night in Minneapolis and paid our respects to the late, great Prince.  With my jaw on the floor and a slightly bored Johan by my side, I toured Paisley Park and all of its weirdness.  Though I feel strongly he should have fired his decorator long ago, it was amazing to stand inside the home where a tiny man recorded some of the biggest music ever made.

Thanks to our dear friend Sue Atkinson, we executed a perfect four days in South Dakota, visiting the 1880 Town (a place we would have blown right by if not for the itinerary she provided, thank you Sue!), the Corn Palace, the Badlands, Sturgis, Deadwood, Crazy Horse, and Mount Rushmore.  We’ll head back in 10 years to check on the progression of the Crazy Horse monument.