About Us

As many of you know, we’ve experienced a few milestones in the recent years.  Johan tuned 50, I turned 40, and Nik is off to college this year.  We experienced a few health scares in 2016 (thank you to the various great doctors of Orange County who made Johan well again), and are still mourning the loss of my Dad, who unexpectedly passed in May of 2013 (love you, Dad!).  These events inspired us to consider whether we’re really doing what we want to do with life while we have the chance.

In early August 2017, we closed the doors on 703 Goldenrod Ave for the last time, turning over the keys to a most wonderful family (hello, Fruths!).  We said goodbye to dear friends at our respective places of work (miss you guys tons at Aon and Anthem!) and to our other good friends in So Cal and headed out for an adventure in Bonnie (Caddy) & Clyde (RV).

We look forward to seeing, eating, learning, and living.  We look forward to sharing our experiences with anyone who is interested in reading about them, and we hope you will join us for a weekend or a week…or get yourself an RV and come with for the rest of the whole trip if you’d like.

Be sure to click on each location to get a more in-depth story!

All our love, Johan & Kiki