Montana & Wyoming

For the final three weeks of the RV Trip, we visited Glacier, Yellowstone, and Grand Teton National Parks, all the while perfecting the art of clapping while whistling to ensure we did not join the ranks of careless tourists who became a bear’s lunch.  While on one of these hikes in Glacier National Park, we heard some rustling in the trees nearby and turned sideways to see two baby bears playing in the trees.  Fearing mama bear was likely close by, we clapped our little hearts out, blew our whistles frantically, and ran. Thankfully we never saw the mom and now feeling brave in hindsight we both feel a little regret over not stopping to snap some photos – they were SO CLOSE to us.

Yellowstone is huge.  It’s so huge.  It took us several days to see everything but it’s so worth the long drives in and out of the park.  Alice & Dan met us for this part of the trip and we had so much fun (as we always do with them) checking out the hot springs, geysers, paint pots, lakes and mountains.  As we were staying near the west entrance between Yellowstone & Glacier, we relocated after a few days to the south entrance to spend time exploring the Tetons with Al & Dan.  We worked up an appetite hiking near Jackson and Jenny Lakes and ate the largest hamburger I’ve ever seen in Teton Village.

After falling in love with Jackson Hole in the fall and vowing to return for some skiing in the winter, we said goodbye to Al & Dan, hopped in Clyde, and headed for Florida. Clyde’s new home is on a beautiful lot overlooking a large pond with a lovely family in Acadia, FL.

It was the most wonderful year of our lives.

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