Cleveland, OH

On the 22nd of July, we left Niagara Falls and stopped in Cleveland for two nights on our way to northern Michigan.  Of course our first stop was the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, which is truly a full day’s worth of roaming around reminiscing about great musicians who changed music forever.  We paid particular attention to our favorites (Dire Straits for Johan and Prince for me), but of course there are so many amazing bands and eras that were cool to learn about.  When I saw a large picture of Madonna I remembered it was the exact poster that was taped to the ceiling in my childhood bedroom, which inspired me to wear too many bracelets and a green headband to class in the 5th grade. That afternoon we took a walk in Edgewater Park, where the sun suddenly slipped behind the clouds and it began to pour.  One minute we could see the city skyline and then next minute it was completely gone.  Made for interesting photos!

On day 2 we explored the West Side Market, Little Italy, and Tremont.  There was an Irish festival at the county fairgrounds where we stayed, so naturally we had Guiness on tap, shopped for Celtic trinkets, and learned the meaning of my grandmother’s maiden name.

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