Montreal, Quebec

We left Clyde in Plattsburg and drove Bonnie into Quebec for a birthday celebration weekend in Montreal.  Montreal is a beautiful city with so much to see.  We didn’t get far enough by foot on Day 1, so we spent Day 2 riding our way through the well-marked bike lanes in the city to be sure we saw and experienced everything.  Our first landmark was to drive up Mount Royal (which we learned is where Montreal gets its name from). The picture of the city that surrounds Mount Royal is a bit hazy so I guess we’ll just have to go back to get a clearer picture someday.  After parking the car, we set off on foot in search of the Quartier Latin, Rue Ste Catherine, the Quartier des Spectacles and poutine.  We freshened up at the hotel (and enjoyed 30 minutes of air conditioning), and headed out to Le Local for Johan’s official birthday dinner.  We enjoyed meeting the owner of Le Local who was working behind the bar and shared stories about travelling the states in an RV and owning a restaurant (only one of which we know how to do; the other we learned about).  We parted ways after exchanging email addresses and handshakes and also after being assured it is not a crime to speak English in the French-speaking province of Quebec.  We left dinner determined to stay up all night in the city which seemed especially enegertic late at night.  We walked through Old Montreal and saw hundreds of people sitting in the park watching various movies and slide shows on the sides of old buildings.  We returned to the Quartier des Spectacles where we expected to see a nighttime parade because of the Montreal Cirque Festival.  Instead we found an Irish pub (and a super cool bartender who gifted us a Belgian Duvel bottle opener upon learning it was Johan’s birthday), and an otherwise fairly sleepy street.  It seems the performers all went home for the day and frankly it was way, WAY past our bedtime.  We rode the bikes to Rue Ste Paul the next day to catch the World Cup final (we were routing for Croatia, but were the minority of course), and visited the Notre-Dame Basilica.  Bon anniversaire mon amour!

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