Lubec, ME

At the end of June we arrived in Lubec, Maine, otherwise known as the Easternmost Town in the U.S.  (The sun rises at 4am in the summer!)  We stayed at the Sunset Point Campground in Lubec – this campground offers amazing views and definitely ranks at the top of our Best 10 campgrounds in the U.S. list!  The main attraction in Lubec is Quoddy Head State Park with its pictueresque striped lighthouse just outside of town, but we would argue the best part is the village of Lubec and the people who run the small businesses on Water Street.  Over the course of a week, we ate at Cohill’s Inn, Frank’s Dockside, Water Street Tavern, and the Lubec Brewing Company.  We also had the pleasure of spotting a bald eagle and her babies, porpoises, seals, and even a couple of whales with Captain Ralph on his Downeast Charter boat tour.  Across the International Bridge is Campobello Island, New Brunswick. Campobello Island was home to the summer house of Eleanor and Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  (And the only non US-based home of a US president while in office.)  The island is beautiful and has fabulous hiking trails which wind around part of the island and offer views all along the way. Once we finished the hike, we drove to the furthest point of the island to see the Head House Lightstation (the white lighthouse with the “red cross”).  Once daily the tide goes out far enough to walk to the lighthouse by climbing down and then up a terrifying long, steep ladder on each side.  Get back on foot before the tide comes in or you will be traveling back by boat after the Canadian Coast Guard rescues you!  While staying in Lubec, we also visited Eastport and Calais in Maine, and Saint Stephens in New Brunswick.  Our time in the Easternmost part of the U.S. earned Maine more “love” points from us, placing it among the top two states we have visited on the trip this year.

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