Portland, ME

On June 12th we left Cape Cod for Winslow Memorial Park in Freeport, Maine.  The views from our site were incredible, and the park itself is located about 15 miles north of downtown Portland.  Freeport is home to L.L. Bean and has become a town with outlet stores of all kinds lining the streets in old buildings, which makes for a charming downtown area that feels nothing at all like an outlet mall.  We scored some good hiking pants and shirts at the North Face outlet, but after two more stores, Johan was anxious to get out of Freeport.  I suppose we don’t have any room in Clyde for more clothes anyway.

There is so much more to downtown Portland than we expected, so we went a few times. We were most pleasantly surprised by the food, which was wonderful whether it was local seafood or a good old fashioned burger.  We had great meals at the Blue Spoon in Munjoy Hill, Alisson’s in Kennebunkport, and Gather in Yarmouth.  In addition to great foodie food, Portland and the surrounding area surprised us with it’s beautiful landscapes, walking paths, lack of traffic, and cool brewery scene.  (Allagash!)  For both of us, this was our first time in Maine.  It’s definitely up there with Idaho when we consider our favorite places in the states, mostly because while there are many gorgeous parts of this incredible country, there are few inhabited by people who collectively make visitors wish they could become locals someday.  Greater Portland is a culture of welcoming, artistic and kind folks who are so enjoyable to be around.  We love Portland!

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