Newport, RI

Newport is such a beautiful place, we already can’t wait to come back.  The 3.5 mile Cliff Walk is a pedestrian path along the cliffs and right through the back yards of many of the famous Newport mansions (adorably called “cottages” by the Newport elite in the Gilded Age).  You can purchase a ticket through the Preservation Society of Newport County to see five of the mansions, many of which have self-guided audio tours that introduce you to the cast of characters who built and lived in these incredible homes in the late 1800’s/early 1900’s.  Marble House, aptly named for the 500,000 cubic of feet of marble lining the interior walls was built by William Vanderbilt for his wife Alva.  The Breakers, another Vanderbilt cottage built by Cornelius II, has 125,339 square feet decorated in Italian Renaissance style.  And everyone will recognize Rosecliff, built by the Olerich family and the home featured in the original Great Gatsby film.  After about 5 hours, our eyes burned from gold leaf trim, marble staircases and sparkling chandeliers, and we had to remind ourselves that where WE belong is not floating through a 10,000 square foot ballroom with fancy champagne, but at Anthony’s Seafood House eating a lobster roll on a hot dog bun for dinner.

One thought on “Newport, RI”

  1. These are beautiful pictures. I love the views. Once again, I feel as if I am there with you, and it’s a great feeling!! I’m taking a mental vacation 🙂


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