Shenandoah Valley, VA

In early May we spent a week at the Endless Caverns Campground in New Market, VA. The Shenandoah Valley is beautiful and we were lucky to visit Harrisonburg on a night the Collins Center held it’s 7th Annual Chocolate Walk.  The Collins Center works to protect victims of sexual assault and their children, and many of the local businesses participate in the walk by opening their doors to families and visitors from around the area and provide chocolate cookies, candy and brownies.  We were excited to return home with a bag of goodies and met some really cool people while on the walk.  Since it was a long walk, we stopped for a beer and learned abut the Beerworks Trail in the Valley.  When you visit the Valley, you obtain a passport and receive a stamp for each brewery you try (there are at least 20), and they will send you a t-shirt to commemorate your accomplishment once you have tried a beer at six establishments.  We could have taken more hikes along the Appalachian Trail (did you know it’s pronounced Appa-latchan, not Appa-LAY-chan) and longer drives along the Blue Ridge Parkway, but we were really busy eating chocolate and earning our beer shirt during our time in the Valley.  We did of course make some time to tour the caverns, luckily before we ate all of our chocolate as there are a few tight spaces to squeeze through.  Also if that little bat woke up when we walked by and tried to catch us, he would have had no trouble at all. We’re running a little slow these days from the great small batch brewed beer at Pale Fire Brewing, The Friendly Fermenter, Three Notch’d Brewing, Wolfe Street Brewing, Bedlam Brewing and Redbeard Brewing Company.

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