Nashville, TN

We planned to spend several days in Nashville but ended up with just one glorious night enjoying songs and mayhem on Music Row.  We don’t listen to or even like country music so what was it about the honkey tonk rooftop bars in Nashville that made us think, “gosh this music is great!”  It was a perfect afternoon/evening weatherwise, warm but not hot, and yet I knew it was time to leave when Johan considered buying a pair of cowboy boots at a buy-two-get-one-free store full off the main strip.  Speaking of the strip, we concluded after a few neat whiskeys in plastic rooftop-safe cups that Nashville was sort of a clean version of New Orleans with just a hint of Vegas seediness and decided we liked it very much before also deciding we had seen enough of it.

Shout out to the Noisy Boys (Noisy B Studios), who Johan met at the Nashville Fairgrounds where our RVs were both parked.  They are novice RVers, heading out on a tour where we hope they will be discovered and successful someday in the very near future!  They were kind enough to give us their CD, which we have listened to several times – incredibly impressive, and we will look forward to saying one day that “we knew them when!”

It poured rain for the next two days and so we left early for Memphis…where it was (not surprisingly) also raining.

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