Atlanta, GA

I forgot about Atlanta!  We actually went to Atlanta before Charleston (but now I don’t know how to insert this blog post before Charleston) for an action filled few days (and nights).  Johan met up with a few old friends/collegues and his former boss Jon Pace treated the group to a special dinner at the Ansley Country Club.  When he came home from dinner he complained to me about how much he misses work.  (ha)  But for real he did talk about how much he misses his work friends.  He was excited to head out again the next night with his BFF Todd to Red Phone Booth, a speakeasy downtown for which you must know a secret phone number to get in to.  (Dial the number in the telephone booth and if it is correct, you will be invited in through the hidden door behind the telephone.)  As usual the boys stayed out late and tried several brands of whiskey; then Johan cried a little when his friend had to go back home. He enjoyed the Red Phone Booth so much that he brought me back the next night (this was so exciting because I always get to hear about them, but I am never actually invited to experience the cool places he goes with Todd).  We ate dinner in the Italian restaurant above the speakeasy and after some pizza and pasta, it was time to enter the phone booth and dial the secret number.  After we enjoyed excellent cocktails made by some very knowledgeable mixologists, the coolest man in the whole world walked behind the bar. Ladies and gentlemen: Bob Ruede, Master Bartender and Mixologist, and now a man we also humbly call our friend.  Bob uses his own tools to create the most incredible cocktails which are adorned with custom crafted ice cubes.  (A flower for Johan and a skull for me.  Is Bob not the coolest.)  At any given point in time when you look at Bob, something exciting is happening.  Something is on fire, some piece of disappearing art is being created with a chisel, some liquid is flowing out of a cold shaker, and in his head he is planning what to make next.  I didn’t even see anyone order anything all night, Bob just knows what people want and he gives it to them.  He’s a magical man.

Later in the night we went dancing and then we spent the next day in bed, recovering and talking about how cool Bob is.

On our last day in Atlanta we hiked Stone Mountain and talked about how cool Bob is.

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