Tampa, FL

After St. Augustine, we circled back to the Tampa Bay area for the 2018 Tampa Supercross Race.  (And when I say “we” I mean, Johan went to the Supercross race.  I stayed home to pamper my ears by not exposing them to the dirtbike symphony.)  It was indeed an important race, however, as Chad Reed set the record for the most starts in the history of AMA Supercross.  Before his record breaking 228th career start, Johan had a chance to shake his hand and get a photo with Chad.  Even more exciting and totally unexpected was the opportunity to meet Roger De Coster, a fellow Belgian, a former motocross racer, and a current team manager.  Johan said they bonded (not his word) over Belgian roots, and that he was a kind and interesting man who he hopes to meet again at a race someday.  We are hoping Johan’s talented race photos catch the eye of some team managers and that he is invited to officially photodocument the supercross races sometime!

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