Savannah, GA

For the first time since December, we left the beautiful state of Florida in early April and headed back out to explore the eastern states.  Clyde was excited to hit the open road again; he is not meant for a quiet life in a covered parking spot.  Surprisingly everything seemed operable (everything except the fireplace which won’t be needed unless Spring sticks around longer than it is invited to stay) and Bonnie and Clyde are happily traveling together again.  Our first stop was lovely, picturesque Savannah.  We arrived late and rented Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil to prepare ourselves for the most important sights.  We had incredible weather and 10 minutes with a fantastic tour guide who sent us off with everything we needed to self-tour this fantastic city.  There are 22 squares in Savannah, and we saw all of them.  In addition, we saw Forsyth Park, Tomochichi’s Rock, Forrest Gump’s bench (or where it was, actually), the Oglethorpe Monument, Savannah Theatre, Madison Square, the Mercer-Williams House, The DeSoto, the Sorrel-Weed House, American Prohibition Museum, Davenport House Museum, Kennedy Pharmacy, Owens-Thomas House, Herb House, Fort Wayne, Old Harbor Light, Celtic Cross Monument, Factor’s Row, Savannah Cotton Exchange, US Custom House, City Hall, City Market, and the Telfair Academy of Arts and Sciences.  I’m missing several landmarks.  You cannot take a step in Savannah without seeing something with historical importance, and the spanish moss hanging from every tree makes the walking tour simply magical.

The Bird Girl, the famous statue from the cover of the Midnight in the Garden Book, was once at a grave site in the Bonaventure Cemetary (outside of the Historic District) but has been relocated somewhere within town to prevent vandalism (we didn’t see her, but supposedly she can be found). We stopped to eat at The Ordinary Pub, thankfully stocked with a bottle of Few Whiskey and excellent burgers, The Tree House, delivered a terrible drink selection that didn’t matter at all due to a fantastic live band trio, and finally Jazz’d, a tapas bar with ugly decor, good food and a great bartender…so everything in Savannah got two enthusiastic thumbs up from us.

We wanted to spend a day on Tybee Island.  After attempting to eat in two different but poorly staffed restaurants with terrible food and watching a semi-bald man try to entice seagulls to eat french fries from the top of his head (they circled him but opted to starve instead), we decided the beach at Tybee Island wasn’t for us.  We headed back into Savannah for more serene walks, food, cocktails and great live music.  If you have only a few days in Savannah, ignore the guide books that insist you visit Tybee (pronounced “Tie-bee”), and stay in Savannah instead.

One thought on “Savannah, GA”

  1. Kiki and Johan
    Love the pix from Savannah. I cannot believe how many things you took in. You guys are becoming potential tour guides for the fam!


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