West Palm Beach, FL

The Restoration Hardware store in West Palm Beach is the greatest place on earth.  Not only is it 4 stories of beautiful lighting and furniture, but they have valet parking and a gorgeous rooftop restaurant.  The line of cars waiting outside says it all.  We found a lovely fur covered chaise that I thought would be perfect in our new place until I looked at the price tag.  On November 25, 2017, I made fun of Johan in Santa Fe for looking at beautiful works of art and declaring “I can make that”.  On January 16, 2018, I said those same words about a chair, and I owe him an apology.  But I will make the chaise.  I will buy a $200 chaise from Overstock.com and shear a sheep in Montana when we go there later this year, and it will be ~almost~ the same.  We left Restoration Hardware on foot as opposed to in a Rolls, and headed for Clematis Street.  After a walk around downtown and hard boiled eggs in the car for lunch (keto), we took the bikes out for a ride along the Palm Beach Lake Trail.  The article that named this trail as a “must-do” suggested it was a way to peer into the lives of Palm Beach’s rich and famous, which of course I wanted to do.  In reality it is a bike path from which you can see the shrubbery belonging to Palm Beach’s rich and famous, but it was still cool.  While in the area, we also visited Port St. Lucie, Jupiter, Hutchinson Island and Jensen Beach.

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