St. Augustine, FL

Once again the weather played an important role in our travels and the experiences we had as a result. St. Augustine is a charming city, but the first day we were there was difficult to enjoy; high winds and cold temperatures kept us moving quickly and stopping to enjoy very little.  On a chilly but sunnier day we visited Flagler Beach, stepping out of the car for a minute to snap a few pics of the coastline.  Luckily the Manatee Observation & Education Center is indoors and offers a lot of great information about the kind and gentle “Sea Cows”, but the manatees must have been huddled around a campfire somewhere because they don’t enjoy the cold either and were nowhere to be found.  We went back to St Augustine on a nicer day and truly did get an opportunity to enjoy the city, walking at night and enjoying the shops and history of the area.  We didn’t get a chance to visit Castillo de San Marcos, which gives us a great reason to come back when we can explore this important national park.  We DID find the time to visit the St Augustine Distillery, which presents an excellent tour of the facilities and a background of the building and its importance in the current community.  After you complete the tour and try their bourbon, gin, vodka, rum, Florida Mule and Old Fashioned, you relly need to head upstairs to the Ice Plan Bar for more hand made cocktails.  What a great place!

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