Miami, FL

The second week in January marked our “halfway thru Florida” milestone and we began our way north along the eastern coast of Florida.  Horrible weather continued through the midwest and northeast, so we felt that living through some overcast days that were “a bit brisk” wasn’t something to complain about.  We started out spending a day in Fort Lauderdale, walking Fort Lauderdale and Las Olas Beaches, Las Olas Blvd, and took a bike ride through the Hugh Taylor Birch State Park.

We spent another day in Coconut Grove.  Still on the Keto diet, we figured the poke bowl place was a good stop for lunch.  A kind man behind the counter asked if we knew what a poke bowl was.  Hello, we’re from California.  Next door was The Barnacle Historic State Park, which gave us a quiet place to look out over Biscayne Bay before heading back to the intersection of Grand Ave, Main Hwy, and McFarland Rd, otherwise known as the place where no one is sure if pedestrians or Bentleys have the right of way and the honking and hand gestures just don’t seem to help to clear up the confusion at all.

Of course no trip to Miami would be complete without a day and a night in South Beach. We were lucky (or unlucky) enough to arrive on a weekend where they had closed down A1A for an Art Deco Walk, causing lots of traffic and impossible parking, but even better people watching opportunities (who knew that was possible in South Beach).  It’s the only place where everyone needs these two items on the same day: swimsuits and sequin gowns.  Conveniently a store on Ocean Drive sells both.  In the evening we walked over to Mare Mio on Espagnola Way for dinner, amused that we were dining in this very place just 5 years ago, after getting married in Jamaica and about to leave for Panama on our honeymoon.

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