San Antonio, TX

We started out December in San Antonio, Texas.  I feel connected to San Antonio because we ~almost~ moved there when I was in kindergarten.  I vaguely remember visiting the Alamo, buying a white cowgirl hat with blue and pink feathers on the Riverwalk, and that the houses we looked at were SO. BIG.  I remember being somewhat disappointed in my parents that they chose to stay in Chicago where I would grow up sharing a bathroom with my sister instead of having one all to myself as I would have in Texas.  The things that matter when you are young!  (Wait, I still would like my own bathroom but now I have to share mine with a boy.)

Johan and I had each been to San Antonio before, but not together so this was a fun experience.  For our city day, we started at The Alamo, walked as far as our legs would take us one way on the Riverwalk, walked more in town, found a cool bistro for dinner, and then returned to the Riverwalk at night.  The riverboats are all operated by very clever folks; we didn’t take a boat ride, but overheard one say, “If you find that you have fallen overboard, save yourself by standing up and walking to the side.”  And while taking pictures of the “love locks” in town, we could hear a riverboat guide below point them out above, telling his passengers, “Just like in Paris, the newly married place their locks here as a sign their love shall last forever.”  (Collective Awwwww)  “Unlike Paris, our newlyweds come out of the wedding chapel right there in the alley next to the Mexican restaurant.”

We actually stayed in Lake Medina, about an hour outside of San Antonio, which is where the lake and deer come from in the pics below.  Johan took a kayak ride while I took care of some important home spa treatments: mani, pedi, face mask, and deep hair conditioning, all while dreaming of having a large bathroom one day that is only mine.

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