Sedona, AZ

During Week 11 we spent 2 days in Sedona.  In addition to great shopping for artists and turquoise jewelry lovers, Sedona is absolutely beautiful with its tall red rock backdrop.  We hiked Bell Rock (Johan actually climbed the rock while I walked around the base of it) and took the Red Rock Scenic Byway which I remember fondly from a high school trip with the fam over 20 years ago.  Then we went into town to wander.  After I said “It is SO cute here” for the 36th time, Johan decided he simply could not tolerate the cuteness any longer and so it was time to go.  Look at how they decorated their fountains in the Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village and try not to say, “It is SO cute there”…I dare you.  As soon as we buy our next home, my very first decorating project will be to get a fountain and stick some gourds in it.  Then everyone who visits us will leave our home saying, “It is SO cute there!”

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