Grand Canyon, South Rim

To wrap up our 10th week on the road, we stayed at in Cameron, AZ and visited the Grand Canyon.  Johan travelled to the North Rim before it closed last week while I was on the girl’s trip, so we headed for the South Rim which is open year round.  (That picture of Johan pointing is where he is sitting in the pic on the post for the North Rim.)  We came in through the East Entrance, stopping at the Desert View Watchtower and a few lovely and uncrowded scenic stops before getting to the Village.  We hiked to the 1.5 mile marker of the Bright Angel Trail and along the Rim Trail.  The Grand Canyon is simply enormous (I don’t know why that surprised me so much) and heavily trafficked.  Tons of school buses and tour buses dropped off people and more people…we are so lucky to have seen this national park, but were also anxious to move on to less populated places.  Bucket List: Grand Canyon, check.



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