Park City, UT

In June of 2014, we drove from Chicago to Orange County in my Dad’s car after he passed, spreading his ashes in places he loved and places he had always wanted to go. (Sorry if I said this already!)  Along the way, we stopped in Park City where Johan discovered the High West Distillery and his favorite whiskey, High West Campfire.  We were excited to get back to taste more, pick up some unnecessary High West paraphernalia, and enjoy this little town that is adorable whether it is ski season or not. (After some thoughtful debate, Campfire is still Johan’s favorite but A Midwinter Nights Dram nearly knocked Campfire into a lower pole position.)

There ARE other things to do in Park City in off-ski season besides drinking whiskey, and they are: take a walk near the Park City RV Resort (wear layers because it’s weirdly freezing and then suddenly thermogenic), visit Olympic City (a tribute to the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, see Johan carrying the torch below – you can too), browse shops in town (NOT fun if you are married to Johan), and you know what, then just go back to High West because their food is great and so is their whiskey.

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