Issaquah, WA

On September 15th, Johan, Nik and I arrived at Todd and Katie Ringwood’s in Issaquah (aka Circlewood Ranch).  We parked for the week on their lawn right in front of the infamous barn where all of the bourbon drinking is done.  Johan had been looking forward to this part of the trip for some time; Todd had planned a timely meeting at his house where a mini/surprise-reunion occurred with some of Johan’s friends from Aon. We spent the first two nights hanging with Todd, Katie, their boys Will and Morgan, and Nik before taking Nik to the airport to say a teary goodbye as he heads off to England for his first semester of college.  We miss you so much, Nik!  We checked out Snoqualmie Falls with the new camera (so much better than what we were using) and headed home when the rain came.  The following day was the meeting (um, party).  On the last day we all snuggled on the couch at Circlewood Ranch and watched a well deserved AGT win by Darci Lynne.  Hard to believe a week passed so quickly and we can’t wait for our next visit with the Ringwoods.  Love you guys!


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