Portland, OR

We’ll have to head back to the Portland area one day as our 4-day stay wasn’t nearly enough time to see all that is beautiful there.  On our first day, we took the hiking trail to Mirror Lake.  On a clear and calm day you can get a great shot of Mt Hood reflected in the lake, but we had no such luck on August 24th.  The top of the mountain peeked out of the clouds for just a moment and the wind ~almost~ stopped at the same time, so what we have is a kind-of-nice shot of Mt Hood reflected in Mirror Lake.

From the Mirror Lake Trail, we headed north to Timberline Lodge in Government Camp. You may recognize the lodge from The Shining, although after taking pictures of the infamous bar and long hallway, we learned from Google that the movie wasn’t actually shot there.  After wandering through the busy lodge, we drove back into town to have lunch at the Glacier Haus.

In the afternoon we hiked to Elowah Falls, which is incredibly beautiful but I remember it as a place where I slipped in mud and had blisters on my toes.  Finally I whined enough that Johan agreed we could go home.

On the 25th we began the day early with a hike to Multnomah Falls (I still had blisters). This is a lovely sight but was very crowded, and after taking some pictures, we hopped back in the car to drive along the Columbia River Gorge.  That afternoon we enjoyed seeing Hood River, The Dalles, and ate a great dinner across the river at Feast 316 in Camas, WA.

On the 26th we drove into the city for the Portland Saturday Market, whose claim to fame is that it is the largest continuously operated outdoor market in the United States. Perhaps that is true and perhaps not, but it was full of unique hand-made jewelry and other things that were so fun to look at.  Our favorite was a booth with beautiful hand carved wooden hand mirrors hanging on a wall with a sign that said “Please Touch”. Where else!?  We wandered around the city for the rest of the day, stopping at 10 Barrel Brewing for lunch and McMenamins Zeus Cafe for dinner.

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