Brookings, OR

We spent our first week along the coast of Oregon.  The Chetco Bar fire made our stay in Brookings smoky and ashy, but still fantastic!  Smoke clouds hung over the coast, but driving up the Samuel H Boardman scenic corridor along the 101, the smoke cleared and made for some beautiful scenery.  Looking north, the sky was blue and the sun was yellow; looking south, the sky was yellow and the sun was red.  On our first night in Brookings, we met a lovely local named Norma, who told us just what to see and do in her hometown.  We stayed at the Portside RV Park, whose flier on general park etiquette gave us a good laugh, until we realized it was actually just a darned good suggestion.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  If in doubt whether you should or shouldn’t do something, ask yourself how it would make you feel if you were on the other end of things.  Don’t go overboard complaining about every little thing.  Maybe instead of becoming irritated, lend a hand and gain a new friend.   -Portside RV Park

After two nights in Brookings, we headed north to Florence to get closer to the eclipse.

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